You want a better world. So do we.

On TC Impact Day, we’re furthering our pursuit of bold, evidence-based solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. But we need your help, and one of the many ways you can join us in this pursuit is sharing news of #TCImpactDay with your networks on social media or via email. We’ve put together the below resources to help.

Thank you for your continued support of Teachers College and participation in our community. We’re looking forward to seeing the change that continues to emerge from Teachers College’s alumni, faculty, students, friends and partners.

What should I share or post?

Spread the Word

  • Share that you will participate in #TCImpact Day on April 6th on your favorite social media platform(s). Find special TC-themed GIFs on Instagram Stories, Twitter and more through GIPHY (details below)

  • Share posts from the official Teachers College social media accounts about #TCImpactDay

  • Tag @TeachersCollege in your Impact Day posts so we can like, reshare, and amplify your TC spirit

Demonstrate your Teachers College pride

  • Share how you’re making an impact through your daily work, future goals, community service, etc. Whether your passion lies in education, health, psychology or more, we want to hear about it and celebrate you.

  • Share your favorite memory from TC Way and reflect on why you’re joining us on #TCImpactDay

  • Share who inspires you to continue working towards a smarter, healthier and more equitable world. It can be a member of the TC community or someone from another part of your life. We want to hear your story.

Get the look

Download and share your favorite TC Impact Day graphics, specially designed for your platforms of choice. Find more TC-themed GIFs and stickers on Twitter and Instagram Stories by searching for “@TeachersCollegeColumbia” with the GIF tool.

Hashtag: #TCImpactDay

In everything you share, we hope that you will use the #TCImpactDay hashtag, which will help other members of the TC community find your posts and celebrate the day with you.

Sample Language for Social

If you’re an alum…

  • My time at @TeachersCollege changed my life, and the lives of so many others. In honor of #TCImpactDay, I'm making a gift and volunteering with the Alumni Association to support advancements in education, health and psychology. Join me:

  • Friends, mark your calendars for April 6th. It's the first-ever #TCImpactDay, and we're all coming together to celebrate the continued work of the @TeachersCollege community in making a difference. Join me in getting involved.

If you’re a student*…

  • I'm driven to make an impact by [insert goal/aspiration here] after my time at @TeachersCollege. On #TCImpactDay, please learn how to support future leaders making a difference in education, health and psychology.

  • Friends at @TeachersCollege - We have the opportunity to advocate for the causes we care about on #TCImpactDay, including financial aid, supporting student parents and the student emergency fund. Tell your friends and spread the word:

*Students, remember that everyone has the ability to share links on Instagram Stories now. Find the link tool in the widget section, and thank you again for your support.

If you’re a faculty* or staff member…

  • Leading the next generation of problems solvers is a key part of our work in the [insert name here] Department at @TeachersCollege. I'm making a gift to support this work, and hope that you will join me in honor of #TCImpactDay.

  • Friends and colleagues - Our community at @TeachersCollege is inspiring, and while our world confronts significant challenges, I'm energized by the commitment of our alumni, students and faculty every day. Join me in continuing this work for #TCImpactDay:

*View a special email template for faculty below.

If you’re a friend of the College…

  • Supporting @TeachersCollege is part of my life because their community is developing solutions to complex problems in education, health and psychology. On #TCImpactDay, I'm continuing my support and hope you will join me. URL

  • I'm worried about [equitable, effective education/training health professionals/mental health], but faculty, students & alumni from @TeachersCollege are working on better solutions every day. I'm supporting their work as part of #TCImpactDay, & I hope you'll join me: URL


If you prefer to correspond with your network via email, your support is also deeply welcomed and appreciated. For your convenience, please find some brief options for notes that you’re welcome to revise as you see fit for group or individual messages.